Currently Crafting to…Human

Loving Human by Aquilo right now. This song has just enough of the house element and awesome beat that is subtle and not overpowering. This is the kind of song I could listen to on repeat. I like how the remix keeps it interesting, but not repetitive or annoying making it the perfect background music to craft to!  

Stripping Down the Wedding Cake

Take off the mini plastic bride and groom, the frosting flowers and beautiful tasty frosting, because we’re stripping down the wedding cake. I have seen this trend slowly gain popularity over the past year or two and I am absolutely obsessed! I tend to gravitate towards bohemian, rustic, organic themes and decorations and truly enjoy how the naked cake plays into all of these. I have

Tiffany & Co Themed Soiree

Diamonds are a girls best friend! Now that you’ve got yours, what better way to really celebrate your engagement than with a Tiffany & Co. themed engagement party or bridal shower?! Whether it’s Bride & Co. or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, these are my favorite finds to throw the best party down to the smallest detail. You’re Invited Details & Decorations Perfect Party Favors Tasty Treats

Currently Crafting to…Aloha

Music has such power to influence your mood, help you express emotions, or be flooded with memories. For me, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” will always remind me of freshman year in my dorm room and The Beatles “There She Goes” will always remind me of the Parent Trap and being little playing hookie with my cousin so we could stay home all day watching it on repeat.

12 of the CUTEST Bridesmaid Proposals to Come Out of a Box!

So… I am totally obsessed with this bridesmaid proposal thing! I think I am going to have to propose to each of my bridesmaids differently, because I want to do every single one! My favorite type of proposal though is the box ones. These are awesome, because you get to surprise them, shower them with love and presents, and prepare them for your big day all at

Everly in Onderland 1st Birthday Party

Just like all of my friends (and friends of those friends) and family, when there is a party coming up I get that call. “You’re so creative and I can’t spend a lot on this party…I love all these DIY pins, but don’t have the skills or patience…can you just make everything for meeee” and of course my answer is heck yes! This is what

Healthy Mind Healthy Body

Happy Fit Friday! I was reading my Everyday With Rachael Ray this month and always enjoy reading her ‘theme of the issue’ in the beginning. This issue she was talking about eating healthy, and how that doesn’t mean cutting out guilty pleasures.  I absolutely agree with her when she said, “I am also a person who believes in enjoying life, so I support all things in