12 of the CUTEST Bridesmaid Proposals to Come Out of a Box!

So… I am totally obsessed with this bridesmaid proposal thing! I think I am going to have to propose to each of my bridesmaids differently, because I want to do every single one! My favorite type of proposal though is the box ones. These are awesome, because you get to surprise them, shower them with love and presents, and prepare them for your big day all at once! I also think it is very important (and clever) to include some of your ::ehem:: demands, like a certain bracelet they will all be wearing or the specific color they need to wear.

If you ever find yourself wishing you could be as creative as the pinner who made the perfect proposal box, just let me know! It’s what I do…recreate pins just for you! I have made tons of different ones for my friends and their friends, all you need to do is email me with the example picture you found and your budget per box!

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